Tawain to be Invaded?

The issue of Tawain always raises the deepest of emotions. I've noticed that especially Chinese people get very irritated by the subject. Basically all you need to know is that the remants of old political group that was the only counter to the Communists withdrew to the Chinese island called Tawain. They claimed they were the official government of China, and the Communists in China declared that they were the real government and Tawain was just a splinter island. At least that's the jist I understood of the whole situation. And now we are hearing reports of China invading Tawain in the near future.

First of all China is already a fascist state. It has embraced capitalism while maintaining an iron grip on the country keeping any discussions about democracy in the closet - using violence if neccessary. The only real thing that communism stands for in China is the continued existence of the official Communist Party. They've forgotten about Marx, and Lenin, and the rest of the socialist bozos.

I have the perfect solution to this problem: let Taiwan build the bomb. A nuclear capable Taiwan would be the greatest deterrent against war that I can think of. And since the Communist Party only cares about its own continued existence, then we have a surfire way to make sure that war never does in fact happen. The whole problem of nuclear proliferation aside, it would create a better balance of power in the region.

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