What Kind of Shoes Goodale?

Goodale's wearing "$250 Ecco shoes with polyurethane soles that provide incredible shock absorbency..."

Every year the finance minister buys a new pair of shoes for the budget and says something about it in his speech. It's meant to convey a message about the theme of the budget in question.

It's a Canadian thing.

What does this mean about the budget?

Well the Ecco is a European shoe that boasts that it's the main reason why Europeans have 2/3 less foot problems than the US. I guess that means no Star Wars or BMD, since Goodale sees the Europeans to be the cure for all our ills and the US means more problems. Maybe this signals a move to be closer to Europe and farther from the US - politically I mean.

They say that with Ecco "The foot controls the shoe instead of the shoe controlling the foot!" I don't know... Figuring out the secret messages that this Goodale sends is tougher than I thought.

Also Ecco shoes breathe out perspiration but don't let water in. So I guess this means the budget stinks, but Goodale won't feel anything of the flood of criticism.

And Ecco shoes are remarkably flexible. I guess this means that this 5 year plan will be very flexible and the commitments... Well let's just say they are very bendable and will stretch to comform to every comfort.

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