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What is it with Gerard Kennedy's hand actions?...

Watching him on TV, it's like he's trying to look like an egghead. I don't know how to describe it but I just can't help but be annoyed by his prissy looking "hand under chin maneuver." I kept on screaming in my mind: "You're standing up!... Get your hand out from under you chin!"

It's just not natural. It has this air of superiority - like he's better or smarter than everyone else. That's not good, for a party that was brought down in the last election by being painted as the "Starbucks Party." And as we all know Tim Hortons always beats that big city monstrocity.

Kennedy, as well as other Liberal leaders, you'd figure would be paying attention to that "arrogance" perception.

Kennedy should drop the weird hand actions.

Am I insane with that impression?


The Clown Show that is the Liberal Party leadership race rolled into Alberta yesterday.

There is ample room for growth you could say for the party that is now third in that province, behind the NDP... Can anyone tell me why Rae is waiting so long to announce his candidacy? This is starting to get ridiculous. I realize they want to announce at the right time - but he needs to make up his mind already. Now he's starting to re-assure people that he's in the race, but just not "in" the race... Whatever.

The only other notable thing is that Kennedy blabbed on his "enterprise" In Liberalism value... Whatever that means. He hasn't even defined it. Maybe it should be a charter right - we don't know. It's "enterprise" that's all we need to know apparently. Now enterprising Alberta rednecks flock to me!

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  1. He's trying to appeal to Quebec, where everyone speaks sign.


  2. Andrew5:21 PM

    Maybe he thought he was drinking a Long Island iced tea?!.

  3. MadMacs of Bytown3:18 PM

    As I posted on another site during Christmas holidays re Paul Martin-

    "Flash! Flash! Flash!
    Martin Losing It!

    In a photo op to a lab this past week, Martin is seen close-up peering into a microscope. A hand comes into view at an unusual angle and clamps to his chin.

    On CPAC Thursday, as part of Peter Van Dusen's recap mid-campaign with the Leaders, Martin precedes the questioning by gently tapping his knuckles together like a boxer before the bout. During the program,when the questioning got tough, he went on his famous off-topic tangents (nothing unusual there). However, his right hand kept coming up and cupping his chin or the first three digits would rest on his chin as though he were holding the chin in place. Other times, he would check this in mid-motion.

    Is this a nervous tic? Has anyone else noticed it? or, should I come out of retirement, get some other form of life as I'm probably too involved in this election stuff!!"

    Maybe it's a Liberal thing. Kennedy had better drop it as the affliction didn't work for Martin.