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The Stronach is out of the Clown Show apparently:
"I'm announcing today that I will not seek the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada," Stronach told a news conference in Ottawa. "This is not the end of the story for me. I'd say it's the beginning."

Sounds like she's starting to believe her own propaganda. Oh well, the clown show won't be the same without ya Lady! I was expecting voting irregularities, and some magically appearing members in Quebec that have never heard of you... Oh wait that was another leadership race.

"In order to really restore trust in politicians, every day citizens need to feel that they are involved directly and have a say. That includes members of the Liberal Party," said Stronach.

"And I would rather see a Liberal Party with millions of members where each and every individual has a direct vote."

I see Belinda has become a populist. Bully for her.

Truth is, I can't say I believe her. I think she's just upset because the Party Without Principle didn't (or wouldn't?) make it as easy as she needed it for her to recruit new memberships.

A good point to bring up here, is that although Paul Martin's team was a bunch of power hungry mad lunatics when they froze the membership of the Liberal Party and made it impossible for any contender to bring new members in, they did have one good consequence for the Party Without Principle: now no new members will be let in.

It's a travesty in politics, when members are signed up for leadership races and then they magicaly disappear afterwards. The regular attendance at AGM's and party conventions are the real members of said Party. They should be the ones that decide.

I wouldn't suggest for the Tories to go the draconian way of the Party With No Principle. But maybe a rule that says that members must be members in good standing for at least a year in order to vote in a leadership race is in good order.

That would certainly put a dent in the Stronachs out there that have more money than Amsterdam.


Former Liberal Premier David Peterson is obviously not a fan of the Clown Show's Rae Days:
"It's a dilemma for a tremendous number of people in the party," Peterson told The Canadian Press.

"Here's a guy, a lot of people went to war with him and now he wants to lead the army without even enlisting."

A hint of bitterness perhaps at Peterson having lost to the Bob Rae express? Sure he's a turncoat, but he's a most of the time lefty turncoat... I guess he was too lefty for Peterson.
"One is his record and one is his loyalty."

I seem to remember that the Liberals were in Cahoots with Rae in his socialist government that lead to that infamous destructive record.

As to his loyalty, I'm wondering where he was when people were talking about Keith Martin, Scott Brion, Ujal Dsosdjflsndwhatever, and who can forget the Belindanator.
"It's so obvious. Everybody's talking about it . . . It's a helluva high hill to climb."

Party politics "is tribal and it's primordial and it's based on trust and affection and shared experiences," Peterson observed.

Apparently, it's not based on "policy" or on "principle" but on some sort of weird primordial caveman ritual that only Peterson understands I guess. Part of politics is bunting heads I know. But surely there's a place for policy? I've always wondered about that with the Liberals. In the Conservative Party there are clearly identifiable factions. There are So-Cons, Libertarians, Populists, Red Tories, Neo-Cons, etc. etc.

What factions do the Liberals have? Martinites and Chretienites. Both camps leaders are now dead, so I guess the party has become some sort of shapeless mold just waiting for an Ignatieff to make it in his own image.

"Some people would say you just can't pick the cherries off the top."

I guess if Bob Rae runs and wins, his theory will be proven wrong.

On that score, he acknowledged that lack of history in the party will hurt two other prospective leadership candidates — Belinda Stronach and Scott Brison, both relatively recent defectors from the Tories.

"It does absolutely (hurt) but it doesn't hurt them as much because the sense is they've been sanitized at least by (running for the Liberals in) one election."



(After laughter subsides five minutes Later)... I guess that's one word to describe it!

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