The Clown Show Files V

Brison's in the Liberal leadership clown show... Well I guess they have their designated power hungry mad man for this leadership race... Or would that be Joe Volpe?
"In 1954, Pierre Trudeau was at CCF or NDP meetings. In 1968, he was the Liberal prime minister of Canada... The fact is, I chose the Liberal party based on my values. I believe in social progress and I believe in economic opportunity."

And I guess the fact that you lost a leadership race had nothing to do with it... Or the fact that you became an instant Public Works Minister wouldn't have been an inticement at all... That's like saying Emerson's a dedicaded Tory.
"Some candidates are talking about being centre-left, some are talking about uniting the left. I think that is 1960s ideologically rigid babble. And it doesn't serve Canadians well for us to be stuck in the 1960s."

Ouch... Take that Bob Rae, Gerard Kennedy and anyone that has any real "liberal" values or principles at all... Hey I don't agree with the rabid lefties in the Liberal Party - but at least they STAND FOR SOMETHING.
"Younger Canadians believe in creating greater levels of economic opportunity but, at the same time, they want to have a cleaner environment..."

Translation: I'm young, I know what the kids want... Ahum!- they want me.
" 'I'm not running to position myself, I'm running to position the Liberal party,' he remarks. Several MPs and senators are supporting him, he said, but he did not name them."

Translation: Lots of people support me... I just can't talk about them.

I'll give Brison credit on one thing: he's sticking to his economic conservative values he had in the Tories. We'll see how they sell in this renewed Left-Liberal party.

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