The Clown Show Files VI

Rae days in the Liberal leadership Clown Show are here to stay:

"TORONTO - Less than a month after joining the Liberal party, Bob Rae launched his campaign to succeed Paul Martin yesterday..."

"The 57-year-old Toronto lawyer said he parted ways with the NDP a decade ago and has been attracted to the Liberal party because 'it builds on hope, not fear.' "

My Item by Item response is as follows:
A) The very name Bob Rae causes pangs of fear
B) The Liberal Party doesn't "build on hope." It scaremongers about "scary" Stephen Harper, and how he will bring us into deficit, bring Canada into Iraq, jail homosexuals, is in cahoots with alien flesh mutants and eats babies.
C)I'm not sure if Bob left the socialist NDP, or if it was more of a "mutual" divorce.
D)He's definitely not part of that "generational change" stuff Martin used to buzz about.
E)He was an Ontario Premier. Good luck to him on that.
" ...'I made mistakes' when the NDP were in power 1990-95 and chalked up deficits. 'I can only tell you I've learned from those mistakes and I am the wiser for them...' "

Apparently not wise enough having joined the Fiberal Party of Canada.
"...'I want to say here that Jean Chretien was right about Canada and Iraq -- not because he was following public opinion, but because he thought the invasion was ill-advised and contrary to international law,' Mr. Rae said, arousing applause..."

The first bonafide leadership attack of the campaign... Well they're might have been others. But this seems like a pretty big slap in the face to Ignatieff... Is it possible that the Rae team see's this race as a show down between them and Ignatieff?

Now that's a scary thought.

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