A Bitter Success

That's the best way to describe private up-start SpaceX's bid to break open the launch market to real competition.

Robot Guy says it best when he discovered the rocket didn't make it to LEO:

"Dang, double dang."

I think I had more of that reaction when they confirmed that it crashed into the pacific after getting up to 300 clicks before crashing into the deep blue.

Though I doubt Elon Munsk is all that put down. He's still pushing ahead. A little bit more realistically, and less wet behind the ears? Probably.

Looking back last year's attempt to launch a DARPA research satellite looks premature. His clever naming of this launch as being a "demo launch" was no doubt a reflection of a new caution on his part.

Rocket science aint the domain of the weak hearted or the cash strapped. Hopefully though one day thanks to nutsos like Elon, we won't be able to say the "cash strapped" bit.
“The rocket business is definitely not a low-stress business, that’s for sure, but I don’t think I’m disappointed. In fact, I’m pretty happy.”
I'm hoping he stays that way - and that he proves to be right in his gamble on low cost rockets.

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