So much for helping the poor...

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's logic behind this is weehakee-woohoo:

The government fears a large jump in the minimum wage could cost tens of thousands of jobs if employers move to keep their payroll levels the same after the hike by getting rid of staff.

"We don't enjoy the luxury of being wilfully blind to economic consequences of a rapid acceleration in the size of the minimum wage," McGuinty said.

"It would be irresponsible to hike it overnight."

But it wouldn't to do it gradually so that no one notices the layoffs? I can't assume he's the devil incarnate, so believing that he's doing this slowly so no one notices doesn't seem too sound.

I'm thinking he's probably thinking that somehow doing it gradually won't bring the exact same layoffs. Just where does he expect the money to come from? Money doesn't grow on trees.

Either employers will lay off workers or they will hike prices which will lead to someone else getting cash strapped prompting someone else seemingly unrelated getting a pink slip. Though 'cuz it's happening over a longer time period no one can point a finger of blame on the Ontario Liberals. It all seems random and unrelated.

This does nothing to help the "working poor." All it does is hurt them and produce a whole bunch of injustice to people that can't afford any of it.

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