Charest's only gaffe in his so far flawless campaign may prove to be last:
"DEUX-MONTAGNES, QUE., MONTREAL, ST-JEAN-SUR-RICHELIEU, QUEBEC — In his first major misstep of the campaign, Liberal Leader Jean Charest was forced to backtrack last night on controversial remarks suggesting Quebec could be partitioned in the aftermath of a separatist referendum victory."
This gives Boisclair, who's been in the doldrums lately, the perfect opportunity to hit the Quebec Liberals where it hurts while they stand on the political high ground. The PQ wanted this campaign to be about separatism. Now Charest gave them exactly the issue they needed to make it so.

Dumont is mysteriously silent today on this issue. My guess is he's taking the tact that it's better to keep his mouth shut and to let Charest burn a little bit so that people will forget this.


Super Mario coughs up a quote after all:

"Action democratique du Quebec Leader Mario Dumont accused Charest of talking about the partition of Quebec because the premier is still dreaming of being prime minister of Canada."

"Dumont also said if Charest is seriously thinking of partition then 'he's not able to govern Quebec.' "

Dumont has it right there. That was a slip from the federal Charest who is still alive and well underneath the provincial Charest.

That won't change one thing though: what Charest said was right. If Quebec has the right to secede, then the regions of Quebec have the right to secede from Quebec.

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