The Worst Possible Climate Prediction

Lorne Gunter provides the one insight that bothers me the most in the Climate Change debate. What if in a couple decades the earth starts to cool?
Here's a prediction: The sun's current active phase is expected to wane in 20 to 40 years, at which time the planet will begin cooling. Since that is when most of the greenhouse emission reductions proposed by the UN and others are slated to come into full effect, the "greens" will see that cooling and claim, "See, we warned you and made you take action, and look, we saved the planet."
And that very well could happen. Sooner than we think. One scientist suggested a global cooling cycle could begin starting in the year 2012. The year, coincidentally, when the Kyoto accord is supposed to be done and implemented.

I have a distinct fear, that even though carbon emissions will have seen a rapid increase over the years of implementation of Kyoto, that environmentalists will still try to claim credit for any cooling that will occur after 2012.

"We saved the planet!," may not be far off the mark from what the enviro-fascists out there will say. It will bolster predetermined opinions, and encourage more eco-worship-like activism for "mother earth."


  1. I agree completly.. yet another claim that enviro-activists can assert as science and nature take their part in the global-warming and cooling phases.

    Interesting documentary that speaks on the part of this cycle is The Great Global Warming Swindle which is now available online for free.

    Apparently it's creating quite the stir!

  2. AUSTIN!... You're back buddy!