Dion's Weakness

Dion has been compared roundly to Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Both are former professors. Both are policy wonks. Hell, I bet both supported the clarity bill even.

What no one has paid attention to the biggest difference between Dion and Harper.

Harper is a brilliant strategist. Dion is not.

Dion's greatest ace is the unity file. Of course it's also his greatest liability. Being from Quebec, and because of his prominent role in the unity file it gives him leverage in that file. But with Separatism dying in Quebec that card doesn't seem like something he could pull out in the near future.

Over the last few months his problems I think are probably mostly due to Harper's strategy and Dion's lack of one.

One thing Dion has down pat is knowing how to build a coalition.

Dion's only ace left was the environment. Then again it seems like Dion might have some strategy in him after all.

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