RCMP Reckoning?

For years there have been rumours of corruption in the RCMP. Some people even whispered that the relationship between the liberals and the Mounties was "unnatural." I don't think it was much of a secret that the top ranks of the Conservative Party felt much the same.

That lead to questions about their motives during federal campaigns, and questions about why the Tories were delaying release of the Grewal tapes. Conservatives, especially high ranking ones from conversations I had with certain nameless sources, were much more comfortable with the OPP investigating material than they were with the Mounties.

I find it interesting today that they're uncovering serious amounts of corruption over the handling of the RCMP pension plan. I can almost smell the rotting stench.

My thinking is that these "allegations" have been a long while coming. Canadians should know the depth of corruption that 10 years of Liberal rule brought.

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