Super Mario Aftermath

This commentator managed to sum up last night's stunning events up pretty nicely:
"They were sick and tired of the old parties. They had other priorities, like family values ... and taxes. They felt the other two parties weren't listening to them," Jean Lapierre, a former federal Quebec politician-turned-commentator, told CTV.
The party that stood for lower taxes, family values, and a reduction in the size of the state managed to astound the Quebec and Canadian elite by propelling itself from a mere 5 seats to 41. It formed the official opposition to the minority governing Liberals and displaced the socialist and separatist Parti Quebequois to third place.

Separatism could very well be on it's way towards the dust bins of history in La Belle Province. But what no one is paying attention to is that this may very well spell the end of the rampant socialism that has afflicted the politics of that province for far too long.
"This is a cry from the heart from the people that we heard tonight."
Quebec, the province that gave us the Marxist-Trudeau, is now looking more and more Conservative and classically Liberal. It could be argued that it was the politics of Quebec that drove the spread of socialism all across the country over the last 30 years.

If socialism dies in Quebec, what does it mean for the rest of the country? One can only hope it means a similar death and rebirth everywhere.

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