Wait! This is sacrilege!

The Red Star reports that the Tories are swimming in cash:
"Flaherty has lots of revenue to work with. The Conservatives, who consistently blasted predecessor Liberals for running higher than forecast surpluses, are headed for a 2006-07 fiscal surplus approaching the $13 billion recorded last year – nearly four times higher than Flaherty forecast 10 months ago."
Wait... Wouldn't that mean that the rhetoric from the left two years ago that Tory spending projections were way off mark and would put us all into deficit were actually closer to reality than anyone else's?

Isn't that sacrilege against the Liberal/Kyoto/Trudeau/anti-Gun/pro-choice god?


  1. Huh? Try again. Are you saying that "the rhetoric from the left two years ago" was closer to reality? Or are you saying that, "that Tory spending projections" were closer to reality? I would have to conclude that you meant the former since the rhetoric is the subject of your sentence.

  2. I meant that Tory spending projections were closer to reality.

    I apologize for any confusion.