It Finally Comes

Dion has finally done it. The days of carbon taxing have finally been suggested.

This is exactly what those of that have been following the Kyoto debate since 2002 feared the worst. The prospect of new taxation under the guise of being for the environment.

I'll give this to Dion: at least he's suggesting something that will work. Emissions will lower over this tax. So will economic productivity and prosperity as well. The insane position that some have had that we can have our "Kyoto Cake and eat it too" prompts me to respond "There Aint No Such Thing As A Free Lunch."

Actually trying to meet our Kyoto targets will cost jobs, hurt the economy, and bring us into a recession. You can't implement Kyoto without sacrifice.

After all the only time in known history a country has reduced it CO2 emissions was during an economic meltdown... A Russian one no less... A fact no enviro-fascist likes to mention.

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