All Hail Pianka!

Dr Pianka slams back at his detractors today:
"I don't bear any ill will towards anybody," [...]

But many bear ill will towards this soft spoken University of Texas ecologist.

"I got a really great death threat," Pianka said.

He's getting death threats such as threatening the slaughter of his family after recent speeches pushing for population control.
Pianka says he would never advocate genocide or extermination like some suggest he does.

"I've got two granddaughters, man. I'm putting money in a college fund for my granddaughters. I'm worried about them," Pianka said.

He said he believes criticism of his theory about an inevitable plague on mankind comes from a rival jealous about his distinguished scientist award from the Texas Academy of Science.

"He's an avowed enemy, and he's made this very clear that he's going to get me and take me down," Pianka said.

Funny, that his "rivals" not only confirm the comments, but also a supporter does as well.

So scientific rivalry, or true doomsday insanity? My thinking is the latter. Because, quite frankly, comments like these don't seem that unthinkable to be utterable by the "modern" scientific community that seems at times to place more value on vegetables and monkeys than they do on human life.

I may be wrong, but thanks to conveniently shut off cameras at the speech, we will never know for sure.

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