The Mother Of All Booboos

SpaceX's maiden flight of it's Falcon I rocket is believed to have been brought down by a "Processing Error..."

Apparently someone forgot to re-tighten a hose fitting. Well that guy must feel like the lowest of the low right now. Years of work, hours and hours of labour, peoples livelyhoods on the line, and you lowly technician screwed the pooch for us all.

I hear no mention in the article of Munsk firing the poor shmuck. If he hasn't - good on him. Humans are imperfect and tend to err. Firing one guy over an easily done mistake won't change a thing except decrease SpaceX morale.

Plus, I bet this guy will be a hose fitting Nazi come the next launch... Always need a couple of those guy's running around in any Engineering project.

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  1. One result is that SpaceX is changing their software, increasing by an order of magnitude the number of conditions which would cause a launch abort.