SSM Vote: Not Yet, Not soon...

Apparently there won't be a vote on revisiting the same sex marriage issue in parliament until the fall.

Likely, there won't be one at all in this session of parliament if you ask me.

Harper and his advisors can count. Apparently, Trad Marriage groups can't. The last federal election showed virtually no change in the number of anti-SSM MP's vs pro. It works out to 150 yay vs 130 nay on gay marriage no matter how you look at it.

Now of course the last time around the Liberal Cabinet was forced to vote 'yay'... But how many of them would have really changed their votes otherwise? The Trad Marriage movement needs at least 10 for a 140/140 tie... Actually they would need more than 10. And I'm not convinced it would go that way.

Neither, I would think, is Harper or his advisors. If I had to gander a guess at all this, I think they might be stalling on purpose. They might be hoping to delay until things clear up for the prospect of a majority.

Another election would give the Trad Marriage movement another opportunity to actually make the gains it needs to defeat SSM.

Maybe Harper is planning the opposite - in the end it's all theory. But either way, there's no way SSM will be defeated with the mix of parliament that we have today.

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