The New Barbarians...

I remember reading history many times over about the collapse of the Roman empire and the influence of the so-called "barbarian hordes" that eventually took over Rome and destroyed the empire. The barbarians we're uncivilized zealot thugs, with a penchant for violence and stupidity. They would do nothing but fight and drink - or so I was told in History classes.

Then I learned some things that made me question that view.

The problem I had, is I learned that the take over was really much more of a hand over. Romans had become lazy. They had no values or sense of self reliance or control. They had no loyalty or many virtues to talk about at all. In consequence, eventually it was the barbarians that made up the most of the military. The take over had more to do with the weaknesses of a corrupt lazy Empire than anything else.

Even some early Christians remarked that the Barbarians seemed to have more Christian virtues than the Romans did... That might explain the spectacular success early Christianity had at converting boat loads at them... But that's another story.

Who are the new uncivilized Barbarians? Apparently Conservatives:
"Canada is too civilized and precious to be messed up [by Conservatives]." - Robin Williams

Liberals and Left wingers have even today taken to calling themselves "progressive." In other words Conservatives are then backwards, regressive, uncivilized folk.

Just a warning to those civilized priviledged few: The Barbarians eventually inherited Europe.


  1. This seems to be what many people think. The Liberals got lazy. The vision was gone. They just thought they deserved to be there.

    Unlike the Empire though, we'll be back.

    Like the empire, red is our colour.

  2. Great post Jason; the "progressive" banter is more out of fear of the inevitable then it is a call to some sort of value or society.