High Gas Prices Are Good...

And I'm sick and tired of people complaining.

Prices go up, usually because supply has decreased or because future supply is in doubt.

Guess what happens if oil companies don't raise prices?

Fuel shortages.

So there's your choice. Either you keep your gas prices at your convenient prices and you face the possibility of going to your local gas station only to find there is no fuel for you, or you suck it up and pay...

There is no secret conspiracy by the "evil" oil conglomerate. Most people that work at oil companies are normal everyday people...

The only conspiracy in the oil industry is on openly known one.

It goes by the name "OPEC."

Let the hate mail come.


  1. One of the policies of the Green Party in the last election was to triple the price of gas. Do you still think high gas prices are good?

  2. ummmm... on that note let's rephrase what I said as "high gas prices" to being "naturally Free-Market induced high gas prices"...