Canucks are not Mexicans...

Right Girl posts on the apparent Canuckian double standard courtesy of our Yankee friends to the south:
"So it's okay to wander into the United States if you are an undocumented, un-educated, non-english-speaking Mexican, and you can bring your wife and 9 hungry children, too. You can apply to be a citizen, you can live off the taxpayer's dime, have your healthcare paid for, have your kids' education provided, and then you can stomp all over the American flag and hold up banners with Che Guevara's face on them.

"But I need a special idenity card to visit America?

"Mr. President, Mr. Chertoff, and Dr. Rice: Can I ask you to look once more to the North? Can I ask you to to consider RightGirl, who works hard, thrills to the idea of shopping around for health insurance, always pays her taxes, supports the economy by eating out at least twice a week (lunches not included), actually knows all the words to the Star Spangled Banner, and supports the troops via Soldier's Angels and Angels'n'Camouflage? Don't I sound like a better investment? I'll even play by the rules to get in."

I've never understood the problem many of my American friends to the south have with driven immigrants coming to their country to take menial jobs that no one else wants anyways? Especially when many of the immigrants tend to be socially conservative, you'd figure the Republicans would find easy friends with Mexican border crossers in particular.

That being said, Canucks are not illegal border crossers. I really don't understand why Canadians are such a threat that we need an ID card to cross the largest undefended border in the world... Any Yanks like to explain this to me?

h/t Relapsed Catholic


  1. I have a feeling it might not be about Canadians like you and me, but more about the Libs slack immigration rules, and open borders the past few years.Interesting about the Mexican border tho. I assumed it was for both borders.

  2. In the 2004 U.S. election, there was a sharp swing to the left in areas near Canada. Were Canadians sneaking across the border to vote?