It's Over...

I feel I need to give an explanation for the rare frequency of posting for the few confused, and poor souls that meander to this corner of the web.

See that up there? It's an Iron Ring. Canadian Engineers wear it. I've worn one since I underwent the "Ritual Calling of The Engineer..."

Although we hadn't graduated at that point, me and my fellow Engineering students underwent one of the few quintessential Canadian traditions not forgotten or abandoned...

For Engineers, we take an obligation on Solid Iron... In our "Calling as an Engineer..."

For most of my fellow classmates I bet the importance of those words are lost on them, but for me they hit a cord. We were told, comically enough, that if we failed we were to send back the ring to the Iron Ring Society. Besides the perpetual fear I had afterwards of failing and loosing that ring, it was just as "spiritually and morally edifying" as they come.

In any event, after over 4 years in school I finally am graduating. I'm finally an Engineer.

My last exam was today. And although I'm not one to count my chickens before they're hatched, I think it's safe to say that I will be attending convocation in June of this year.

So the posting should be regular again... If not it's for another reason than school.

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