Hurrah for Alberta!

Apparently Klein is dismayed that Tories in Alberta aren't so confident:
'"He was shocked and, I daresay, a little hurt," Marisa Etmanski, Premier Klein's spokeswoman, said about his reaction to a secret-ballot vote that showed he had only received 55 per cent support for his leadership from Progressive Conservative party delegates.'

I was hurt when Ralph Klein said that Stephen Harper had no chance of winning. I was hurt when Ralph Klein mused about Two-Tiered Healthcare a week before a federal vote. I'm not hurt over this.

Finally reality has hit Klein. You can't do things like he has done without there being consequences. He either was incompetent, or he was sabotaging Harper's leadership. I don't know how much of a factor these facts were in this vote, but I refuse to believe it didn't play a small factor.

RIP Ralph Klein's political career.

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