Warren Kinsella said...
'Good. Too many media were focussing on Duceppe's stupid comment, in my opinion.

'What they should have been focussing on, and now are, is Jean Lapierre's willingness to liken a democratic political party to the Nazis.

'As Bernie notes, the comment by Paul Martin's hand-picked Quebec lieutenant demeans the experiences of people who know what real Nazis are like. That kind of demagoguery has no place in our politics. (link)

I love reading Kinsella tearing strips off of the Supreme Leader Paul Martin's hide at every single opportunity. It's funny to watch a former blood sucker go after the current blood suckers.

That being said, Kinsella's the biggest hypocrite of them all. I wonder where his enlightened moral sense was when he was a strategist in another election campaign, for another Prime Minister, running against another opposition leader oh not so long ago as it would seem....
'Also attacking Day was Liberal cabinet minister Elinor Caplan, who was unable to restrain her hatred of the party and its principles when speaking to a crowd in her Toronto-area riding a couple of days ago. Her venom included the sweeping and unsubstantiated assertion that Alliance "supporters are Holocaust deniers, prominent bigots and racists." Prime Minister Chretien actually defended Caplan's hate comments.'(link)(More Proof)(Even More Proof)

Where was Kinsella's moral condemnation of Caplan? No, her likening the Alliance, a "democratic political party," to the Nazis was ok. I'm sure Kinsella will make up a million different reasons why the two situations were different, but in reality he's only fooling himself. The hypocrisy is bleeding from Kinsella's every word.

But by all means keep it up WK... Anything you do to help take down your former cronies is welcomed by me!

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