The Non-Debate Debate...

Wow that debate will be remembered for one crucial feature: the lack of debate. Gotta hand it to all those naysayers out there complaining all the time about "politicians shouting at each other and cutting each other off." The end result is that nothing ends up actually getting debated. All that ends up happening is leaders provide a pre-canned response to questions. La-Di-Friggi'-Da.

Then the Supreme Leader Paul Martin utttered this monstrocity.
"A government that cannot keep its promises is a government that will not have the moral authority to government," Martin said. (link)


And these promises must just be just figments of my imagination:
1. Eliminate the Democratic Deficit
2. Eliminate Same-Sex Marriage with Civil Unions
3. Getting to the bottom of the sponsorship scandal before the next election (2004)
4. Eliminate the GST
5. Eliminate NAFTA
... and the list goes on and on...

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