The Pope Vs. Elton John

"He's endorsing genocide, basically, by saying what he says about AIDS and restricting the use of condoms."(link)(Via)

Right... The Pope teaching that sex destroys the soul if it is just self gratification of the physical and nothing more is genocidal to Elton John... EJ could take a look at Uganda, the only country in Africa that has had success in defeating the AIDS epidemic, did so by stressing.... here it comes... Abstinence. Not self gratification city Condoms, but Abstinence.

And what does his fiancee David have to say about their impending nuptials?
"The dissenting voices are part of the reason that we are doing this thing. The extremism in America is getting more and more polarised. The Pope is very openly anti-gay."

Let me get this straight. Part of the reason why you're getting married is because of the "extremism" in America, because the Pope is "very openly anti-gay," and because of the "dissenting voices?"

I'd hope you were getting married for more than that. But hey, it's a free world, and you can go to whatever ceremony you like and call it a "marriage." You're only fooling yourself.

A bit huge honkin' hat tip to Relapsed Catholic.

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