Income Trust Scandal

Allegations that there was a leak from the Finance Department on the announcement of a tax cut on dividend paying stocks to certain... "preferrential" persons lets say have been refuted time and time again by the Liberals.

CTV managed to get the Prez of CARP to admit to getting a phone call from someone in Finance Minister Goodale's department informing them of a pending announcement. That wasn't the smoking gun though. CTV found postings on message boards online made before the announcement pretty much leaking the information. However the CARP story was like the icing on the cake for this scandal.
"The day they made the announcement they phoned us and said something is going to be said," Gleberzon, told CTV News Wednesday night.

Gleberzon said the call came from a senior policy advisor in the finance minister's office, someone his group had been dealing with all along.

That to me seems clear. No misunderstandings there. He got a call from someone in the finance minister's office.
However, on Thursday morning, Gleberzon and CARP issued a news release denying any advance knowledge of Goodale's announcement.

"At no time was CARP given an indication by the Minister's office of when the announcement would be made or what it would say," the release said.

It just gets weirder from there.
CTV's Kathy Tomlinson talked to Gleberzon after the release was issued. He confirmed what he had said in the previous interview, but now maintained he had misspoken.

At first, Gleberzon said no one from the finance minister's office had contacted him about the interview.

When told that the finance ministry's communications director, John Embury, had already admitted to calling Gleberzon Wednesday night, he explained:

"I did speak to him …. I shouldn't have said that I didn't, but I did," Gleberzon told Tomlinson. (link)(Via)

The Liberal explanation about these reversals of Gleberzon? He's old and confused.

He might very well be. Though he seems more like child with his hand caught in the cookie jar. Either way how does any of this matter?

Even if Gleberzon is telling the truth, how do you explain those message board postings? The info had to have come from somewhere...

Addendum: Harper is calling on Goodale to stepdown. This may not get much traction unless the NDP or the BQ follow suit.

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