US Ambassadors, and Dithering Prime Ministers...

The Supreme Leader Paul Martin had this to say in response to the US ambassador's warning against US-bashing to gain votes:
"I am not going to be dictated to as to the subjects I should raise," the bristling Liberal leader said yesterday. "When it comes to standing up for Canadian interests, I'm going to call it like I see it."
"I will make sure that Canada speaks with an independent voice now, tomorrow and always..."
oh, yah that's right... You're tough. Tough enough to first be for the War in Iraq, and then to change your mind when you figured out how unpopular it was. Conservative leader Stephen Harper chymed in on this side show circus:
"I actually think the ambassador's intervention was inappropriate," Harper said yesterday.
"I don't think foreign ambassadors should be expressing their views or intervening in an election," Harper said.
"Anyone who has watched Mr. Martin on Canadian-U.S. relations in the last couple of years knows you can't take anything he says seriously," he said. "(Martin is) like the kid name-calling from the distance. There was never much risk of a fight and Mr. Martin reminds me of that kid ... he couldn't throw a punch to save his life."(link)(via)
I think the first couple quotes were an expression at his dismay that the US Whitehouse would fall right into Paul Martin's political trap by getting the US Ambassador to make those comments. That is exactly what the Supreme Leader of Canuckland wants. He wants to look like the Hero of Canada standing up against the evil Uncle Sam. It's cheap political posturing for votes.

The best way for Americans to deal with Anti-Americanism - at least from Canada - is to ignore it. Which I know cannot be an easy thing to do.

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