Stephen Lewis Upsets...

This is a little old from LifeSite:
"...[Stephen Lewis] is using the entire body of the UN for his personal agenda of condomizing the developing nations. Why he has the audacity to fight the only nation which has demonstrated success in reducing HIV/AIDS is utterly beyond me."
"Mr. Lewis is further sinking the credibility of the UN in the Great Lakes region in that Mr. Lewis is the type that reminds us of the UN staff who did nothing to stop the genocide in Rwanda where close to a million Africans were butchered under the close supervision of the UN."
"We are tired of these western officials who fly in a few hours and become experts in our campaign. Steve (sic) Lewis should come to Uganda and spend a few months at the feet of activists who are on the frontline ... He is spending far too much time doing teleconferences, flying from conference to conference and listening to his stooges who keep telling him what he wants to hear...’there is not enough condoms. Send us more so we can condomise the world."
"Kofi Annan, do us a favor. Fire this Steve (sic) Lewis and restore credibility to the institution of United Nations."(Source)

And we think we're better today than the colonial masters of Africa of yesteryear? That's ridiculous. We still don't get it. It's not enough that we give up direct control, we also have to come to realization that for all our higher civilized ways we aint better than they are...

Because honestly: Stephen Lewis seems to think he is.

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