Scott Reid Strikes!

"Working families need care that's regulated, safe and secure," he said. "Don't give people 25 bucks (a week) to blow on beer and popcorn. Give them child care spaces that work."

Duffy saw nothing wrong with the comment - and in fact repeated Reid's assessment and stretched the reasoning a little further.

"'There is nothing to stop people from spending (the Tory cash allowance) on beer or popcorn or a coat or a car or anything," he said. (link)

And what was Reid's apology?
Reid, for his part, admitted he had chosen "a dumb way to make my point" during a Sunday morning panel discussion on television.

No kidding.

But that aint the half of it. Because that is really what Liberals believe. All Scott Reid is getting whacked for, is for saying what he really honestly and sincerily believes. People are stupid.

That's the essential thrust of the modern neo-Liberal ideology. People are stupid inert masses ready to be shaped in the image of social scientists and regulators.

People are stupid. They shouldn't have guns 'cuz they'll just shoot themselves. People are stupid. They'll just spend Child Care money on beer and popcorn.
People are stupid. They'll just kill themselves unless we label every danger.
People are stupid. They won't know what to do with themselves, unless we regulate everything to death.
People are stupid. They don't know what a marriage is.
People are stupid. Give 'em an elected senate and they would all just vote for crack addicts and lunatics.
People are stupid. They shouldn't watch Fox.... Or anything else we don't find enlightened.
People are stupid. Can't give them choice in education, 'cuz the fools will just put their kids in a religious school...
People are stupid. If faced with the slightest Christian symbol or act, people will just become mindless automatons.
People are stupid. They won't notice if we break our promises, over and over and over and over and over and over and over....

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  1. Politicians have this clear vision of why they were elected. They are to spend our taxpayer dollars and get as much of that for themselves as possible in the process - AND - pass laws and pass laws and pass laws. Someone complains about having a hangnail so some politician introduces a bill to outlaw hangnails, then brags about what they're doing to fight the insidious plague of hangnails. It becomes part of their re-election mantra.

    Of course little is accomplished except the hangnail law puts even more restrictions on the taxpayer's freedoms and takes more money from his/her pocket in the process.

    And we're all poorer for it.

    I guess the big question is, "how much government can we afford?"