And The Writ Dropped...

After 6pm.

It was a little eerie. Part of me wanted to rip down some stairs and flick on a television to watch the lap dogs in Parliament do their job and vote like good trained seals. The other part of me could care less, especially since the vote was a forgone conclusion. Somethings are just more important.

The results of the non-confidence vote in the Party of Paul Martin?
171 YAY. 133 NAY.

And hence we are now “officially” in election mode. While pre-Today, we were in quasi-election mode. In quasi-election mode the Supreme Leader Paul Martin can spend billions a day without anyone to stop him. In quasi-election mode the trained seals in Parliament can send out political advertising in the guise of official government business to their constituents. In quasi-election mode Elections Canada can drag it’s heals in sending out campaign returns. In quasi-election mode Canadians are inundated by polls that mean nothing.

I ended up eating, no giving a flying fart who, what, where and why anything was happening. It all didn’t matter. It all doesn’t matter.

This will be the most pivotal election that Canadian politics has seen for years. This is a climax moment in Canadian history. If Harper’s Conservatives win, Same Sex marriage will be gone assuming Harper keeps his word – if he doesn’t the whole Conservative movement could unravel apart. A Harper win will also virtually destroy any hope of the Euthanasia bill from coming to fruition. A Harper win will mean that social engineering being foisted on Canadians in the guise of National Child Care program will be stopped. The Hate Crimes bill may be amended to protect Christians. In short, a Harper win will stall the social Liberal movement’s anti-life pro-culture of death jihad in its tracks.

It will stall. A reversal would take developments I just don’t quite frankly see happening yet.

If Harper’s Conservatives loose, the culture of death will steam ahead. I can’t even predict where the country will be in 10 years. Harper will resign. The Conservatives will have a leadership race, and the next leader will start a witch hunt against Social Conservatives in the party. The separatists in Quebec could use this as an excuse to have another referendum. The right, if they manage to stay united, will no doubt face a strong challenge from a Western separatist movement. This country will be fractionalized more than ever.

But it all doesn’t matter. Because this election, from what I’ve been seeing, won’t discuss any of that. There will be no issues in this election campaign. This election will come and go and hardly anyone will probably notice. Because what this election will come down to is the campaign.

Everyone knows it will be the most negative campaign ever. The Conservatives won’t take the high ground this time around. They did that last time, and the people Harper is surrounding himself with come from a school of thought I think that see that as a mistake to be nice. And the Liberals have never been shy to take the low ground snake like political strategy.

No, it’ll come down to whether or not the Liberals can demonize Harper and the Conservatives enough to scare people away from them. It’ll come down to how much Harper can hammer at the Corruption drum. It’ll come down to whose attack ads are better. It’ll come down to who can dig up better dirt. It’s about marketing. It’s about salesmanship. It’ll come down to complete and utter nonsense.

Isn’t it great that the future of the Dominion rests in a rugged popularity contest? It’s like competing brands of toothpaste… That’s all they are: toothpaste…It’s sickening, but it’s the truth.

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