The not-so-honorable member representing Tory turncoats and shallow oppotunists everywhere Scott Brison pulled a Brison...
OTTAWA, ONTARIO--(CCNMatthews - Nov. 4, 2005) - The Liberal Party has asked the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists to investigate the leader of the Opposition who was in contravention of the Lobbyist Registration Act when he was President of the National Citizen's Coalition (NCC) for 4 years between 1997 and 2001.
"It is disappointing that Mr. Harper will continue to use the moral high ground on ethical issues, including lobbying issues, when his own past is littered with examples of questionable if not illegal behaviour - and all this while heading one of the most extreme right-wing organizations in the entire country," says the Honourable Scott Brison, Minister of Public Works and Government Services. "Its clear that the leader of the opposition spent his time outside politics as an unregistered lobbyist."

Really? Or are the stinking rats trying to distract attention away from their stench? So, the Liberals made the accusation, and it was a bogus one, and the media reported it.

Then, when the Brison realises the fool that he is, retracts and apologizes:
Dear Mr. Nicholls:

Thank you for your letter dated today concerning my statement regardingthe NCC.

I wish to acknowledge that my statement was factually incorrect in two ways:

* I was in error to say that the NCC was charged six times with violations of the Elections Act.

* It was premature to say that there was a contravention ofthe Lobbyist Registration Act. In order to resolve and clarify thenature of these activities, I have asked the Registrar of Lobbyists toinvestigate. I was provided with incorrect information, but I accept responsibilityfor my statements. I regret my errors, and I withdraw those statements categorically.

Please accept my apology.

Sincerely, Scott Brison

Does the media report it? No. I can't find any main media outlet reporting this. Instead they lay silent, while I find out about this apology from a blogger...

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