Liberal Post-Gomery Spin Fizzles...

Or how else would you explain this...
The Ipsos-Reid poll for Global Television put support for the Liberals at 31 percent, down from the 38 percent they enjoyed before the report was released on Tuesday. The opposition Conservatives were at 30 percent, up four points.

The poll findings indicate that if an election were held now, the result would be a deadlock, with no one party anywhere near winning a majority of seats in Parliament.
The Conservatives insisted that Martin -- who was finance minister at the time of the scandal -- should resign. But Martin said he was sticking to plans to call an election within 30 days of the final report of the inquiry, due February 1.

I'd like to think that Canadians have seen past all the propaganda dished out by all sides on the Gomery affair... But they problably haven't. 38% of those same polled people still believed that the Liberals should be re-elected.

When a government is this corrupt we even bother to ask the question? At this point the Marijuana party would be more trustworthy than those Lieberals in Ottawa...

The spin though I guess in a sense did work: the Liberals are still above 30%. I guess they've kind of retracted back to their core support. Either way this poll means nothing.

For weeks before this, everyone was predicting doom for Stephen Harper and the Conversatives because they were 12 points behind the Liberals... a 7 point shift is notin' in this crazy wacky world but everybody seemed to forget that.

The truth is that people are just reacting to bad headlines... Given enough time people will forget, and the Liberals will climb back up to their soft 38%. But, as usual with most Canadian election campaigns, in the actual election campaign Liberal support will erode at least 5 points before the end... A lot of vote parkers, and people that like to vote with the winner start to have doubts I guess.

Everything will come down to the campaign the next time around as it did the last time around. This poll, as with previous polls means nothing. I don't think any of this is permanent. The next time around it'll all come down to the campaign...

A little sickening it is, for me to know that... Politics is supposed to be about policy. I don't care who can spin whatever idiotic mistakes whoever made to whomever's advantage better than someone else... I want a debate on the issues of the day and not on who has a hidden agenda or who is progressive and who isn't.

You know policy? The stuff that actually matters? The stuff that isn't a game for reporters and politicians to play?

Please wake me up when that actually starts to happen.

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