How Paul Martin Runs The Liberal Party

OTTAWA -- Liberal Party brass are under fire from rank-and-file Grits and Ukrainian-Canadians, who accuse them of rigging the nomination process to crown a preferred star candidate in a west Toronto riding. (link)

To say Paul Martin isn't behind this, is like saying he knew nothing about the Sponsorship Scandal, or that Paul and Jean were always the best of pals.... My eye.

The Supreme Leader of the Paul Martin Party, has made it his top priority since the beginning to keep a solid iron grip on the lowly peasant class of the Liberal organization. Everything is Paul Martin owned and operated. Nothing is outside of his influence or his Dictatorial control by the looks of it.

Of course this isn't news. Paul Martin took control of the Liberal Party in this "democratic" way. In fact he was so "democratic" that his sole opponent for the leadership he had, who barely mustered to get 8% support, was "democratically" chased out of politics by an ally of his who was "democratically" taking over her riding.

If this is how he runs the Liberal Party, how is he running the government of this country? Oh yah... I forgot... He's running it the EXACT SAME WAY.

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