Liberal AssTronauts

There is word that former astronaut and Canadian Space Agency President Marc Garneau may be on a Liberal Party ticket in the next federal election. (link)

Garneau does not get the ire of my disdain for the most part of Canadian Asstronauts. Chris Hadfield has either given me such bad impression or really does deserve to be in the Asstronaut hall of shame. You see Hadfield believes that he earned the right to go into space. He earned the right to have taxpayers foot the bill for his thirty million dollar joy ride in space so he can play around with his robot arm toy.

But let's not kid ourselves and give Hadfield a greater role on his missions than he had, 'cuz, for the most part, Canadian Asstronauts are told not to touch a thing, and are given mediocre tasks on any Space Shuttle mission. They are treated like lowlife Canucks, that only hitched a ride because of a robot toy that some company makes... But now I'm just ranting.

Garneau, to me seems like a pretty nice guy. Hasn't said anything too weird. He's all gun ho about getting Canada into NASA's VSE thingy. Though I get the distinct impression he has little appreciation for any of the ideas that have come out of the alt-space movement or the X-prize. He's just a little oblivious, and doesn't seem to really care about that stuff.

If he knew better, maybe the policy of the CSA might change for the better. Instead of piggy backing on the Yanks all the time, why couldn't we try using the money we have to hold government sponsorsed Prizes like the X-Prize? Hold a Prize for the first sub orbital system built on the cheap in the Dominion! We could spur tech development in Canada and get a real space program going that would get real average everyday Canadians in space. It would certainly be better money spent than what we get out of it now. But all of that is just a pipedream.

His running for the Liberals pretty much confirms my theory that most Canadian Asstronauts are Liberals. Trying to be a Canadian Asstronaut without believing in certain Liberal principles seems to be an impossibility sometimes.

But for the life of me I can't understand why he would want to get involved now... The Liberals are drowning in corruption, Quebec has turned into a Liberal wasteland, and he would be starting into a campaign late, with no funds, or organization...

I guess that hole "Head of the Canadian Space Agency" thing can't be as good of a job as some think it is...

Addendum: I'm told repetitively that Hadfield is a nice guy. Why does he think he deserved a darn thing then? His free ticket to space was a gift by Canadian taxpayers. It was based on a selection process that had as much to do with talent as it had to do with politics. He is a very qualified person, but that comment he made about him earning the right to go into space 2 years ago really annoyed me.

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