Liberal Astronauts Part II

"It's time to turn the page on the sponsorship issue," said Garneau, who will run in the rural riding of Vaudreuil-Soulanges near Montreal.

"It's been put out there, it's been solved. The Liberal party has taken a beating, now it's time to move on."(link)

Being spacey must be a requirement to be a Canadian Astronaut. Being spacey, oblivious, and just plain "heinh?"...

See, I figure Canadian Astronauts have to become masters at fooling themselves in order to survive. If they honestly realised that much of what they do on the Space Shuttle, is the monkey work the Yanks don't consider American boys low enough to do, then I bet they would be mighty irritated all the time.

And that quote above is just proves it even more. Gomery hasn't even released his final report, we're always told, so how could this issue be over yet? And even if it is are we just supposed to forget about the millions that disappeared? Are we supposed to forget about the money that changed hands in brown paper bags? Are we supposed to forget about an HRDC boondogle before that? What about the gun registry fiasco? It's one thing to be a little bit spacey, but Garneau really excels at it I'll tell ya that much...

h/t NealeNews

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