The Never Ending Gomery Saga

Not that I'm adverse to seeing the Liberals roast under fire, and for their political entrails to be blasted out on the roads for all to see, but I have to say that Gomery has been going on for an awful while. And I bet that he will conclude what we already know: the Liberals were and problably still are corrupt.

I'm writting this an hour before the report gets released from the clutches of the Supreme Leader Martin himself to us the wee peasants of Canuckistan. And I can already tell you what the headlines will be "Martin exhonorated..." Or better yet "Martin Not Guilty!"

And the opposition will say "The Prime Minister didn't ask enough questions..." But that will get regelated to the back of the newspapers for only the really conscious and alert to see after a couple dozen morning coffees and a couple slaps in the face which are required to find the quote in miniscule print...

Regardless the facts will still be the same. The Liberals think they own the government. That regime under Chretien bread that contempt to point where hundreds of millions were stolen. That regime had Paul Martin, the current PM, as it's poster child messiah. Martin had ample opportunity, and had amble warnings of the shenanigans going on... He never bothered to ask any questions, or to correct any errors. He either was incompetent or he was an accomplice.

No amount of spin, or reports, or anything else will change that simple fact.

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