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"They feel an election with the same results will perhaps settle the opposition parties down to governing instead of the daily posturing which goes on now. I believe another minority will force leadership changes and renewal of both parties," she said. "Heaven help the Liberals if the Tories select a truly progressive conservative leader. They may have to counter with a more Liberal leader of their own. There should also be an accommodation for progressive minority governments with four-year fixed election dates and a two-thirds majority vote required to bring down a government between those fixed dates."

Former Liberal, now independent Liberal annoyance Carolyn Parrish is at it again with her stupidity... and her Liberalism... Maybe they go hand in hand.

First of all daily posturing is what Parliament is all about. It's a continous struggle for power, that keeps the government's feet to fire to keep it honest and accountable. People always scream about how there is a too much politics in parliament. Politics are supposed to be in Parliament. That's what parliament is all about.

Infact the only thing I worry about is when I stop hearing politics being screamed in Parliament. I get afraid when I don't hear people shouting over each other. I get a little panicky when I don't see people getting upset. Because it means that someone has cracked the wip so that everyone gets into line with the Supreme Leader.

But that's enough of that. And let's avoid the terrible thought of Parrish's that we elect someone as Conservative Leader that she would label as a "progressive." What Carolyn Parrish thinks is progressive is if every Conservative in the country were locked up in jail for re-education. A progressive Conservative leader to Parrish, is someone who's well... not conservative.

But all of a sudden Parrish has become a Democratic Reformer. I guess maybe we should call her a Reform-Liberal. Fixed election dates are a great idea. A 2/3rd majority so that Liberal hogs can stay permanently in power is not. And for her to even suggest that we make it easier for a government to stay in power is an affront to democracy. It should always be easier to bring down governments and prevent the passage of bills. An essential feature of free democracies is this idea that it should be difficult for bills to get passed. That way it will be difficult for people's rights to be violated and trampled on.

The honus should be on the government. Never the opposition. We should never trust the state. A healthy distrust for authority is always in order.

But Parrish is more than willing to give the Supreme Leader all the powers he wants, and now she wants to make it nearly impossible for anyone to even kick him out of office if he does something stupid.

Carolyn Parrish is the poster child for arrogance in Canadian politics.

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