Evangelical Educational Pruning

Oh boy, this is interesting though:
Miller said that his prediction was based on an examination of the new Pope's writings and approach. The Pope has argued "that it might be better for the Church not to expend its resources trying to preserve institutions if their Catholic identity has been seriously compromised," Miller said.

In the Holy Father's view, "the measure of an institution can be judged by its Catholic integrity," Miller said. If the institution secularizes, "it might be a matter of truth and justice that such an institution is no longer upheld. . . . [I]f a Catholic institution is no longer motivated by a Catholic identity, it is better to let it go."

Which would mean that an awful lot of supposedly Catholic schools could be declared not Catholic... And that may not be such a bad thing. Sometimes the truth has to be spoken - and the truth is that there an awful lot of schools maskarading as Catholic when they are not even close.

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