Gomery and the Mob

The key to ruling Rome was through the Mob... Emperors that knew it, used it, and maintained control. They bred the mob. They nutured the mob. And above all else they prevented anything else from taking hold. The mob is when people stop thinking, and respond to emotion alone...

The Roman Circus was an ingenious invention. What better way to make people forget about their problems, their pains, their labours, and above all reality by presenting them with a surreal game of bloody life and death?

Emperor's controlled and manipulated the mob. They wielded group-think, and cultivated a type of collective animalistic tribalism on the grand scale... That was the key to Rome's success.

Paul Martin obviously understands this. The Post-Gomery spin is quite the display of his mastery of the mob.

His strategists knew well enough, that simply proving his innocense was not enough. They had to assign blame to someone... 'Cuz the mob needs someone to blame, to lash out at, to beat up, and to hate... If not someone else they could easily turn on the Supreme Leader PMPM himself.

The strategy: Blame Chretien. All that money stolen? Chretien's fault. All that corruption? Chretien's fault. All those Liberals getting kickbacks? Chretien's fault. The sky's falling? Chretien's fault.

In a sense Gomery is Paul Martin's Circus: it's his game to slaughter politically his foes for the sake of controlling the mob. Chretien is his perfect target. Us wee peasants can watch him die politically and revel in it like a blood thirsty mob.

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