Everything's his top priority...

Last spring, Kilgour exploited his key position as an independent MP in a minority Parliament to pressure Martin into sending a military mission to the Sudanese region of Darfur.

Kilgour told media this month that, out of 100 Canadian advisers promised, only three have been sent to Darfur.

"Martin ended up doing nothing substantive at all," he said. "The prime minister will always agree with the last person he spoke to.

"Everything is his 'absolute priority,' but in the end he stands for nothing." (link)(via)

That's what the Tories refrain on Martin should be: Everything's his top priority. Mr. Dithers has no position on a darn thing until he decides at the last minute. If the Tories want to launch attack ads at Martin, they should start by showcasing his Dithering nature. Have a campaign commercial that just repeats over and over clips of him saying "this is a critical priority"... "this is of vital importance"... "this government considers this a top priority."

Mr. Dithers can't even make up his mind when it comes to whether or not he's an economic conservative or not, going on a $20 billion dollar pre-election spending spree designed to get him more votes... But wait a minute wasn't the cupboard bare 4 months ago, and weren't you the prudent one, telling the opposition that we shouldn't be irresponsible by spending money we don't have? Apparently money materializes in Ottawa spontaneously when an election is around the corner...There is so much juicyness to that line of attack.

Even on SSM he's a dithering, beying first a devout Catholic in line with Catholic teaching, and then changing his mind...

The resemblance is staggering...

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  1. Just look at how much thought he put into selecting the new Governor-General. He didn't even bother to find out enough about her to know that she's a separatist.