How Many EU Members Are Anti-Catholic?

A whole wack of them:
Participants were particularly concerned about the role of the Catholic Church in countries with a strong Catholic identity. Maria Elena Valenicano Martinez-Orozco, a member of the European Parliament from Spain, spoke on "How to deal with the Catholic Church and reproductive rights." She also addressed why Spain had success "fighting conservative powers when it comes to homosexuality and abortion" and why "it is so much harder in Portugal".

Dr. Emmanuel D. Bezzina of Malta said, "It is a cruel world that we live in. Cruel because the Catholic Church is enshrined in the Maltese Constitution. Hence the power of the Catholic Church in Malta is tremendous. See for yourself, we could not even send one Maltese woman to speak here because had anyone come they would be terrified should publicity be given in Malta and they be seen as promoting abortion. . . . And we have an arrogant Prime Minister and an arrogant party in government who flirts with the Catholic Church."

The Big Bad Catholic Church apparently is such a concern to the meddlers in the European Union. Because we all know how the Pope forces every Catholic to show up to mass at gun point with his panzerpapal squad to enforce his edicts...

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