What Paul Martin's Henchmen Do In Their Spare Time....

Apparently, among other things, they send out emails on internal Liberal strategy on how they will use the "friendly media"...
The message was from Ruth Thorkelson, a long-time senior Paul Martin adviser who recently left as deputy chief of staff, and who says she is now helping MPs and candidates as a volunteer.

Her message, to Liberal MP Judi Longfield, outlined plans to leak to "a friendly media outlet" accusations that Tory candidates Jim Flaherty and John Baird are violating the Canada Elections Act.

So I'm willing to bet that that line of attack is now a no go for the Liberal war room. Then again "friendly media outlet"'s are by their very nature... friendly.

So the war room could put out an accusation calling Stephen Harper an alien and they problably could do a good run with the suckeroo.

How do we a happen to be finding this email? Apparently some poor shmuck used to have the domain infrastructure.ca which is very close to the government domain infrastructure.gc.ca. And hence the fun we now get to enjoy.
"What pushed me over the edge was the Thorkelson thing. That was too much for me. I don't want to see that crap and I don't like it, because it sounded underhanded."

"I don't like the way they do business that way. I guess I'm slightly influenced by the Gomery thing that's going on."

Thorkelson's briefing note says Flaherty and Baird, Tory members of the provincial legislature, are "flouting the intention of the Canadian Elections Act" because they are campaigning federally while remaining on the provincial payroll.

"It is also ethically unconscionable."


Thorkelson said she doesn't share Sadar's perception that her tactics are underhanded.

"I can't really comment on what this guy thinks of it, but civilians have a different view of politics than we do."

The emphasis was my own. "Perception?" Please, this is underhanded, it aint a matter of anyone's perception and their aint no moral relativism here either like there aint no where else.

And yes, civilians do have a mighty big different view of politics than you do sir. That's why they are the uncorrupted ones, and you... Ya you're a blood sucking scumbag (or at least that's what he's acting like).

Among other things that Paul Martin's henchmen do in their spare time involve making racist sexual jokes to each other, and gathering Young hooligan Liberals for "mega happy hours" at bars...

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