"...is it wrong that my initial reaction upon reading this headline was 'good!' ..."

Court hears of alleged plot to assassinate Martin

Let me be clear about the title: that is a quote. I did not say that myself... And it is a very hillarious knee slapping funny quote at that. So if you're a hippie don't shave your armpits long haired dope smoking Liberal keep your pants on and hold back on the hate mail because I'm just making a funny at the Supreme Leader (Paul Martin) himself. The identity of the individual in question that made that quote is being kept secret for their own protection...
A former police informant testified in an Ontario court on Tuesday that there was a plot to assassinate Prime Minister Paul Martin when he was the federal finance minister. (link)

Now several BC Martin organizers have had some links to some less than legal drug trafficking... I bring that up only because the informant was involved in the same type of thing. Wonder if there is a connection?

And if not who ordered the hit? Could it be a certain little guy from Shawinigan we know?

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  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Thanks for the anonymity :P . . . actually I believe my reaction was 'good riddance' . . . but in a healthy I don't really want him to die kind of way . . .