Grewal Exits

"It has come to my attention that our political opponents intend to use certain unresolved issues to attack not only me, but yourself and our party during the national campaign," Grewal wrote in a letter to Harper.

"While I would not hesitate to fight these issues personally, it would be unfair to have the battle of a single MP become a focal point of the election."

Grewal added that he did not "want to be a source of distraction during the campaign." (link)(Via)

Gurmant Grewal, for those that don't know, made recordings of senior Liberals offering him a political appointment in return for his vote on a matter of confidence of Paul Martin's government.

He was austracized for having dared to tape someone in secret.

He was villified for having dared question the integrity of the Martin government.

He was hung out to try by fellow Conservatives for whatever inexplicable reason.

He was killed politically, with the help of Paul Martin's gestapo squad in the Ethics Commisioner's office, and a few MP's in the Conservative Party as well.

It's hypocrytical... Because if Grewal had been a Liberal, he would've been a hero.

Let me say that again - If Grewal had been a Liberal, and it were the Tories in power, and Grewal had secretely taped a bribe coming from a Tory, he would've been a HERO.

Now I don't care what shady dealings Grewal may have had in the past. I don't care, because it doesn't matter. The point is that he stepped up to the plate this time, and told the truth. And because he was a Tory, and no one likes a Tory, he was destroyed for it.

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