Firstly I never thought that calling Belinda a "Blonde Money Bag" was sexist, but apparently some disagree. Now that I find ironic, considering that I thought that those words were if anything a moderate choice. I've heard women in the party call her by names that I don't think I would ever imagine saying on this blog.

The truth is that Belinda is just re-inforcing the view that many Canadians have that all politicians are just looking out for themselves. And quite frankly right now, Belinda has done that for me. And apparently, I'm not Alone. I find it interesting that people are picking on me, when her own supporters are saying far far worse. That being said if I said something to offend anyone I'm sorry. But the message is still a valid one: Belinda is too rich and beautiful, and not smart enough to be in federal politics. That may be harsh, but it's true.

The Toronto Star reports from a Ontario Tory source this little tidbit:
"There was no outreach for a year after the leadership contest. There's an old saying in politics: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I don't know if Harper read that chapter," one senior Ontario Conservative strategist said yesterday.

First of all Harper reached out to Belinda and MacKay by putting them in serious roles in the party. He even gave MacKay the deputy leader's role. But people try to re-write history too quickly in this instant news world.

I have this to ask of Peter Paylor: Are you telling me that Belinda really deserved to be where she was? What I mean is that if her father wasn't as rich as he was, and Belinda wasn't as gorgeous as she was, would she have made it anywhere? I've always tried not to let such things be factor in my decisions. I'm wondering if you're understanding what that post was really about...


  1. No Jason, I'm not telling you what Ms. Stronach deserves to be -- whether it be a member of the Conservative shadow cabinet as she was last week or the second choice of the Conservative Party to be it's leader as she was last year or a member of the Liberal cabinet as she is today or a private citizen as she may well be after the next election.

    And I'm not telling you that there is anything wrong with calling her a "money bag". But by calling her a "blonde money bag" you are using sexist stereotyping just like your friends who called her a whore, a bitch, a slut and a miserable power hungry cunt.

    Too beautiful to be in federal politics? That's absurd.

  2. Well as to calling her a "blonde money bag" over a "money bag" I didn't intend it as a slight against her sex, but against her intelligence or lack thereof. A man could easily have that designation as much as anybody else.

    I'm sorry but if the shoe fits, she should wear it.

    As to linking that type of comment to calling her swear words I fail to see how you could link the two.

    Since you failed to respond to question of what Ms. Stronach deserves to be, then I must assume that you agree she doesn't deserve to be to anywhere. Even I have more education than she does, and she's about to take over a major portfolio in the federal government.

    And touche about the "too beautiful" part. It's not that she's too beautiful, but it's that she's too vain and obsessed with herself and her own ambitions to be in politics.

  3. Jason, blonde does not equal stupid and if you think that the blonde stereotype applies to men -- well, what colour is your hair? Sexism is sexism -- you can't be less sexist than those who use swear words, only less crude.

    I can tell you one thing, Ms. Stronach deserves to be a Member of Parliament just as everyone else who has ever won a plurality of votes in their federal riding has deserved to be. Democracy works that way Jason.

  4. Well Peter, I'm not sure what decade you were born in, but I've been in highschool in last 20 years and I can tell you that I've heard the blonde label applied to men as well as to women. Oh and my hair is a dark brown because I'm half Italian. Thanks for the insult though, it's nice to know that you're so concerned about people calling Belinda names you revert to name calling yourself. But don't worry I won't take it as personally as you've taken my jibes against Belinda.

    And as to Belinda deserving to be a member of parliament because she received a plurality of votes, I wonder how her Conservative supporters would react to that suggestion. They elected her as a Conservative and expected her to be a loyal Conservative. But hey who's cares about they want right? Maybe you think they have blonde hair too. Infact maybe everyone that disagrees with you has blonde hair according to your small "l" liberal beliefs.

    You would do best to step back from the partisan politics Peter and try to be as wise as your age suggests.