V is For "Victory"

I've been watching alot of re-runs of the 1980's classic 'V' television series. Basically the show was about a bunch of Aliens landing on earth here to enlighten the human race. They turn out to be a bunch of evil reptilian bastards that eat humans to boot. The show follows the courageous actions of the resistance freedom fighters who have to save the human race from literally being eaten into extinction. Anyways the resistance spray paints a 'V' wherever it strikes for victory. This is a play on Winston Churchill and the WWII resistance that had the same symbol.

For whatever reason it got me to start thinking about our brand of evil reptilian bastards: the Federal Liberal Party. Now I'm not one to call names but the similarilities are striking. The colour of the uniforms of the aliens are all red. Also the aliens speak in a strange voice much like Jean Chretien did. Ok I guess maybe the similarities end there, but all this talk about resistance movements and freedom fighters gave me and idea for an excellent grassroots symbol for all Canadian Conservatives. Then I noticed this Conservative blog and the deal was clinched for me.

Do any of you remember the 3 fingered hand W's Republicans made into a type of salute for George W. Bush?

Here's what I'm thinking: V is for Victory

I'm betting that'll get more than at least one Liberal mad as hell with the connection that salute makes.


  1. Loved this post!

  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Doesn't the media ignore the aliens in 'V'? It's been a while since I watched the movies.


  3. Actually that's kind of funny. The media at first is free but slowly is taken over by the aliens. At a certain point it just becomes a propaganda piece for the Alien agenda.

    Kind of like the media in Canada actually...