Want to know why the poll are as they are?

Want to know why the Tories are trailing the Liberals right now? It's because of stories like this one:
Desperate for any chance to topple the minority government, the Opposition has tabled a motion calling for the Liberals to resign.

The Liberals have been throwing around money, and offers for plum patronage appointments all in a desperate quest to hold on to power. And now they want to ignore the results of a vote, that all other parties except the Liberals see as a vote of confidence in the government. And most agree that the Liberals are waiting for a bi-election to start in late May that could give the Liberals an extra seat. That could bolster their chances of not going into an election.

The Conservatives, who by all indications would stand to gain nothing from an election according to the latest polls, are somehow portrayed by the media as being the desperate ones... Only in Canada.

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