Everybody's Racist

Angry In The Great White North expresses my sentiments exactly on Conservative MP Inky Mark's demand for an apology for Reg Alcock so-called "racist" remarks.
The Conservatives had demanded that Mr. Alcock resign -- though I'm not certain if they wanted him to resign just from the Treasury Board, or from his seat altogether. But that's not important. He has apologized, and the Conservatives should accept that apology. People from all sides have been slinging mud over the last week (some nastier than others, to be sure). The right thing to do is to put the issue behind them, and never speak of it again.

He's right. This is something you would expect the Liberals doing to the Tories not the other way around. But I can understand why those Conservative MPs are encouraging him to call for an apology.

If you've been hit long enough by Liberals with ludicrous claims of racism, bigotry, and intolerance then I guess at a certain point you're more likely to try to hit back.

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  1. I hate all this mud-slinging too. When it comes from the Liberals I get angry, but when it comes from the Conservatives, I'm ashamed. I'd rather we lose gracefully than stoop to their level.