NDP Lobbied by Liberals

Like it wasn't bad enough that the Liberal Party itself is embroiled in a muti-million dollar lobbying scandal now there are allegations that the Liberals lobbied the NDP.

My initial reaction is how does this surprise anyone? There were no doubt people shoved aside in the Liberal caucus in deciding the last budget, they would be fools not to try to give suggestions to their NDP members of parliament... So long as no checks, or bags of money are being exchanged that is...

On the budget we are hearing reports that the Liberals, if they fall, want to fall on the budget. There's a saying, before you can learn how to win, you have to learn how to fall. In this case the Liberals are showing no tact whatsoever. They want to fall on an NDP budget? Keep in mind this is the same Liberal Party accused of being corrupt, and funneling taxpayer money to their own bank accounts. Now they want to funnel that money to taxpayers in a massive 4.6 Billion spending spree?

This budget is a dream budget for Conservative leader Stephen Harper's purposes. He gets to bring down the government on a tax and spend budget without any tax cuts to be heard of. He can go around the country saying that the Liberals are in bed with the socialists. And the Liberals want to fall on that?

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